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  BBMonitor - Bandwidth speed testing

Test your Internet connection speed 24 hours a day completely automatically with BBMonitor. Your Internet speeds will be displayed in graphs and saved, allowing you to recall this data at anytime.

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BBMonitor is an Internet connection monitor (Bandwidth meter). Never have to guess whether your internet connection is working to its full potential. BBMonitor can also view bandwidth across internet networks, and you do not need any special software or hardware to do it with BBMonitor.

Everyone should be running BBMonitor to ensure their internet connection is the fastest and trouble free as it can be. BBMonitor can also let you see if there is any unauthorized access to your computer from hackers or even spyware.

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If you were an Absolute Futurity Newsletter Subscriber you would have received an excellent Discount for BBMonitor.



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Company News
Get a discount for BBMonitor. Linking to Absolute Futurity. Our referral program for Desktop-3D Notes allows for you to attach your referral name to be included when sending Desktop-3D Notes that you have created to your friends.
Product Tips & Tricks
Automatically checking for new product updates.
Sending Desktop-3D Notes to your friends. Using ImageGrabber. Setting an alarm for Desktop-3D Notes. How to drag select with Desktop-3D Notes. Sending emails faster with Rapid-Emailer.
Special Discount Offers 
We are offering a discount for BBMonitor only to our newsletter subscribers. Our other special offers feature an excellent Spyware Remover utility, an Adware remover utility, software to ensure your privacy and a SPAM Remover.
  Absolute Futurity Recommendations
In this section you will find products that we highly recommend. Some of the recommended products are a Spyware Remover, Spam Remover, Evidence Remover and many other products.
Top Tech Support Questions
I keep getting asked to register, after I already have? Can Rapid-Emailer stop my ISP from suspending my internet service? Why is Rapid-Emailer having so many timeouts? or Why are my emails not getting sent? I am sending emails with Rapid-Emailer, but it seems none are being sent? How do I stop it from giving the message that tells me there is a new version?
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If you were an Absolute Futurity Newsletter Subscriber you would have received an excellent Discount for BBMonitor.

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Linking to Absolute Futurity is very easy.
Just follow these simple instructions:

1) Copy and paste any or all of these links into the source code of your home page:

     <a href="http://www.absolutefuturity.com/BBMonitor.htm">BBMonitor - Bandwidth Speed Test</a>
     <a href="http://www.absolutefuturity.com/Desktop-3D%20Notes.htm">Desktop-3D Notes - 3D Sticky Notes for your Computer</a>
     <a href="http://www.absolutefuturity.com/Rapid-Emailer.htm">Rapid-Emailer - Email marketing campaign manager</a>
It is just that easy, however if you are having any problems with adding the links to your Home Page, please feel free to contact our Support Department. If you do not have a website then contact our Support Department and they will show you how to create your own website for free.

BBMonitor, Desktop-3D Notes and Rapid-Emailer referral program.
We now have a way to show our appreciation to everyone who wants to let their friends know about our products (Desktop-3D Notes, BBMonitor and Rapid-Emailer) and we have now increased it to an incredible 25%. We want to give you 25% of every sale that you refer. All you have to do is fill in a form so we know where to send the checks to and send your friends a simple link. If you have a website, then you can add the link into your website and you will still get 25% of every referred sale. See the Referral Program section below for details. You can also add your affiliate name to each Desktop-3d Notes you send to your friends.




If you were an Absolute Futurity Newsletter Subscriber you would have received an excellent Discount for BBMonitor.


Bandwidth tester

Test your Internet connection speed. Ensure that you are getting the speed you pay for.

Desktop-3D Notes
PC Sticky Notes

3D look and feel. Each note is fully customizable. Send notes across the internet.

Popup Remover

Remove all those annoying popups from your computer.

Image Downloader

Automatically download all images from any web page.

Fast Emailer

Keep in touch with all your contacts, subscribers, and friends.



Automatically check for product updates

All of our software is capable of checking for newer versions of itself automatically. This option will be set by default to check for updates. You can change this option in the About window.

Desktop-3D Notes
To send a Desktop-3D Notes that you have created to your friends, simply create a Desktop-3D Note, however you like, then click on the Open Options arrow for this Note and click on the Send button, then follow the instructions provided.

ImageGrabber is very easy to use. The amount of options that ImageGrabber has can seem overwhelming. Just go to the Setup Tab and enter the URL of the page you wish to retrieve all images from into the "Item adding to a list" field, then enter the amount of links DEEP you would like to follow into the "# of link parses" field, then click on the ">" button right next to the "# of link parses" field. This will add the URL to the Parse List. Then just click on the "Start" button and away it goes.

Desktop-3D Notes
To set an alarm for a specific time and date, just click on the arrow in the top left corner of each note, which will open the options for that note, then click on the very bottom left hand corner of the note, anywhere on the Date being displayed. A small calendar will open, just click on the date you wish to alarm to sound, then type in the time you wish the alarm to sound and click on the OK button.

Desktop-3D Notes
Did you know that you could select any amount of text with your mouse as you can in any word processor just by pressing the CTRL button during your selection?

Desktop-3D Notes
Did you know that you could select any single word just by double-clicking on the word?

To send emails faster; use the DNS option (Built-In SMTP server) and set the threads to 150 and set the timeout for about 15 seconds (longer for emails with attachments and/or embedded images) and the number of failed retries to 1 because you will have a chance to resend failed emails in the last step.

If you were an Absolute Futurity Newsletter Subscriber you would have received a excellent
Discount for BBMonitor.

Spyware Remover

Adware Remover

Evidence Remover

SPAM Remover

Webmaster Tools

PC Repair Utilities

PC Secrets


Other Special offers coming soon! 


It just seems right for us to reimburse you for suggesting our products to your friends. Our referral program is very easy to use and there is no limit to the amount you can make. It is as simple as Filling out a form so we know where to send the checks to, then you send a link to all your friends, it is just that simple.

If you have a web page or a home page, you can also add the link into your page. You will receive an incredible 25% of every sale that you or your page refers.

This is a great way to get free products, just refer 4 friends and in a sense you have just received it for free.

This program is so easy:

1. Fill out this Form so we know where to send the checks.
2. Send out this link to all your friends with the XXXXXX replaced with your username:
      http://XXXXXX.deskitnote.hop.clickbank.net      Desktop-3D Notes
      http://XXXXXX.absolutefy.hop.clickbank.net      BBMonitor
      http://XXXXXX.absolutefy.hop.clickbank.net?ProdID=206      Rapid-Emailer

You are now done! That was it! It was just that easy. Now go ahead and send the finished link out to all your friends.


   And if you have a website or a homepage, just add this code to your webpage:
      <a href="http://XXXXXX.deskitnote.hop.clickbank.net">Desktop-3D Notes</a>
      <a href="http://XXXXXX.absolutefy.hop.clickbank.net">BBMonitor</a>
      <a href="http://XXXXXX.absolutefy.hop.clickbank.net?ProdID=206">Rapid-Emailer</a>



Spyware Remover
Spyware has grown to enormous proportions these days. Your privacy is sacred, and hackers want to get into your personal information, as in your bank account, passwords, contacts, personal photos, secret documents and very many other reasons. They get into your computer by hiding in a web page that asks you a question, but no matter what you choose they will install it on your computer anyways without your knowledge. They can also get onto your computer by downloading music, ring-tones, documents or just about anything you can think of. This Spyware Remover will find all of those dangerous hackers, and best of all it is absolutely free to scan your computer for spyware.
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Adware Remover
Adware is a problem for many people and most people assume that when popups appear then they need a popup remover, when in fact it is much better to run a popup remover and an adware remover. Popups that show even when a browser is not visible is most likely from adware. Adware is software that usually installs without your knowledge or from freeware that you installed and opens these popup advertisements to pay for the development of the freeware. Regular popups are created from web pages and are easily cured with a popup remover like POP-Stopper-IE, however adware popups are much more resilient. If you are running a popup Remover and you still have a few popups, then you have Adware on you computer. This Adware Remover will find all of those popup generating adware, and best of all it is absolutely free to scan your computer for Adware.
>>Click here to Scan your computer for FREE<<

Spam Remover
-Is your email account flooded with SPAM and offensive email offers?
-Are you wasting minutes or even hours deleting SPAM?
-Is SPAM preventing you from receiving your mail?
-Is SPAM costing your company money and productivity?
Stop SPAM and Protect your family from offensive messages with this award-winning SPAM Blocking software.
>>Click here to Remove SPAM for good<<

Evidence Remover
Your personal surfing habits are not safe. Anybody can start you computer and look up your financial information, pages you have visited, passwords, and can see everywhere you have been. To do this is not rocket science; it is very easy to do. Even if you just happen to visit a site with a popup having censored material, Windows will place every picture that you can see on your screen in many of places on your computer, that's right, not just one place but many. Cookies contain passwords, time and date you visited and much more information. All this is visible to anybody who uses your computer, your boss, your wife, your husband, your children and anybody else who can use your computer. It does not even matter if your login is password protected; they can still access it all just as easy if they were logged into your account. Protect yourself and your family.
>>Click here to download Evidence Remover<<



Q:  Why do I still get a message saying that I need to register after I already have?

A:  We have found that download accelerators cause this all to often. Download Accelerators compress all information being transferred across the Internet. This is a problem, because our registration server does not understand compressed data with all the different formats used. The way to solve this is to close the download accelerator when starting any of our products. Firewalls are another big culprit of this situation. With most firewalls you just need to tell it to allow the product to access the Internet so it can verify your registration key with our registration server.

Q:  Can Rapid-Emailer stop my ISP from suspending my internet service?

A:  YES, Rapid-Emailer has a Built-In SMTP Server. This means that you do not have to use your ISP's SMTP server. This allows you to send as many emails as you like to keep in touch with all of your contacts. Use the DNS option for the Built-In SMTP Server.

Q:  Why is Rapid-Emailer having so many timeouts? or Why are my emails not getting sent?

A:  The most likely cause of this issue is because you have large attachments and/or embedded images. Each mail server you send the email to must decode and reassemble the attachments before it will respond stating that it received the email. To resolve this issue, change the timeout to 150 (seconds) or longer depending on how large your attachments are. Also see the below question.

Q:  I am sending emails with Rapid-Emailer, but it seems none are being sent?

A:  Disable your outgoing email virus scanning. Most anti-virus software do not like built-in SMTP servers and will stop all outgoing emails from a built-in SMTP server without acknowledging you. Your ISP might also be blocking port 25. To remedy this problem, contact your ISP and purchase a Static IP Address and tell them you will be running your own SMTP server. In this case you might also want them to update your PTR records.

Q:  How do I stop it from giving the message that tells me there is a new version?

A:  Open the About window and uncheck the box that says "Check for updates", however we recommend that you keep this box checked as it lets you know that there is a newer version of the product to fix bugs and etc...


FREE Product Updates - Absolute Futurity always provides Free updates for all minor version changes to all of our products.

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