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  Speed Test Pro - !!! NEW RELEASE !!!

Maximum Internet speed testing and system performance monitor

We all know those Online Speed Tests, now you can run the same test completely automatically all day and every day with Speed Test Pro.

!! Get Speed Test Pro now !!

Absolute Futurity, the leader in Internet connection monitoring, has now released our new product Speed Test Pro. Not only does Speed Test Pro test your Internet connections maximum capability, you can also monitor almost anything on your computer and network. Don't miss this opertunity to get the newest and best product on the market with more functionality than you can imagine.

You can test all the following with Speed Test;

  • Maximum Bandwidth Speed.
  • Upload/Download data transfer.
  • Quality of Service.
  • Your own web site's speed, connectivity, response time and errors.
  • Network or LAN's speed.
  • Ping networks or websites.
  • WIFI signal strength.
  • CPU usage. (Supports multiple cores)
  • Memory usage.
  • Hard Drive space and activity.
  • System uptime.
  • Battery status.
  • Processes Memory usage.
  • Alert Wizard, allowing you to print, run an app, restart, send an email under any condition that you specify.

Speed Test Pro is BBMonitor's big brother with much more fuctionality and capabilities. The interface is beautiful, intuitive and easy to use.

Everyone should be running Speed Test to monitor your entire system at a glance.

!! Get Speed Test Pro now !!



Speed Test
Speed Testing

Test your maximum Internet Speeds and monitor your system and network.

Bandwidth tester

Test your Internet connection speed. Ensure that you are getting the speed you pay for.

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PC Sticky Notes

3D look and feel. Each note is fully customizable. Send notes across the internet.

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Keep in touch with all your contacts, subscribers, and friends.

Popup Remover

Remove all those annoying popups from your computer.



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