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Speed Test
Speed Testing
The first real maximum Internet bandwidth testing.


Bandwidth tester
Test your Internet connection speed. Will run in the background.


Desktop-3D Notes
PC Sticky Notes
Set alarms for all your notes. Change colors and customize each note.


Popup Remover
Remove all those annoying popups from your computer.


Image Downloader
Automatically download all images from a web page.


Fast Emailer
Keep in touch with all your contacts, subscribers, and friends.


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Please Read before ordering

    We currently use PayPal's secure credit card payment server. To order you must make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. This way PayPal can guarantee security.

    Cookies are usually on by default in most browsers, but if you changed your security settings you may have inadvertantly turned cookies off. If you do not have cookies on when you try to checkout, Paypal's server will show one of the following messages :

" We have detected a problem with this shopping cart. If the problem persists, please contact the merchant. "
" The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user. Please review your selection and try again. "

If you do get an error message, follow these steps:
1) Use back button to return to the order page
2) Turn on cookies
3) Reload the order page
4) Redo order

To Turn Cookies ON - Windows

Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
1)From the main menu, select Tools and then Internet Options
2)Select the Security tab
3)Under the "Security level for this zone" heading select the Custom Level button
4)Under Settings is Cookies
5)Select "Enable" under Allow cookies that are stored on your computer

Internet Explorer 4.0
1)From the main menu, select View and then Internet Options
2)Click the Advanced tab, and then under Cookies select "Always accept cookies"

Internet Explorer 3.0
1)From the main menu, select View and then Options
2)Click the Advanced tab, and then under Cookies select "Always accept cookies"

Netscape Navigator 4.0
1)From the main menu, select Edit and then select Preferences
2)In the Category box under Preferences select Advanced
3)From the Advanced menu under Cookies select the statement "Accept all cookies"

Netscape 3.0
1)Go to Options menu, choose Network Preferences, go to the Protocols tab
2)On the Protocols tab, de-select "Disable cookies"

To Turn Cookies ON - Macintosh

Internet Explorer
1)From the main menu, select "Preferences"
2)Under "Receiving Files" select "Cookies"
3)Under "Cookies" select "Never Ask" or "Ask for each site"
4)Select "OK"

Netscape Navigator
1)From the main menu, select "Preferences"
2)Under "Security" select "Cookies"
3)Under "Cookies" select "Enable all cookies"
4)Select "OK"

1)From the main menu, select "Preferences"
2)Under "Security" go to "Accept Cookies"
3)Under "Accept Cookies" select "Always" or "Only from sites you navigate to"
4)Close Window

Once you get to Paypal you will enter your info just like any other card purchase except you will be required to make up a password. This will allow you to use Paypal in the future at any place that uses their service by just logging in. It also enables you to receive payments thru Paypal.

If you still cannot make a payment through PayPal please use the following links for our alternate payment server:

BBMonitor Alternate Payment Server
Desktop-3D Notes Alternate Payment Server
Rapid-Emailer Alternate Payment Server




Technical Support:





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