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Pop Up Blocker Test

    This page was setup for you to be able to test any popup remover so that you can see how well it is working and compare it to our POP-Stopper-IE.

    This page, when opened will try to open a java popup at the start then open a pop up with the "onload" HTML setting and will also open 2 popups after 5 seconds with a timer from java script. This page will also open 2 more pop ups when leaving this page using the "onunload" and the "onbeforeunload" HTML settings. With POP-Stopper-IE you will not see any of them, unless; you do not have POP-Stopper-IE's toolbar visible, or you have disabled POP-Stopper-IE, or you have added the pop up URL to the Allow List, or you have added our entire site to the Allow List. 

If you you see any of these popups from bad popups section, you should try POP-Stopper-IE.

    Later on this page you will see other options to test to ensure that popup remover is working properly by stopping popups when you do not want them and allowing the ones that you do want.

    Remember that POP-Stopper-IE is the only product available that allows you to view the blocked popup, even after it has been blocked, so that you can look at it if you are not sure that you wanted it blocked.


Bad popups

1. JavaScript Start popup:
This popup was generated when you first visited this page. 

2. OnLoad popup:
This popup was generated when you first visited this page. 

3. JavaScript Timer popup:
This popup will be generated 5 seconds after the start of this page.

4. OnMouseOver and OnMouseLeave popup:

Move your cursor into this text field to generate a popup and then move your mouse away to generate another popup.

5. Adware MouseOver popup:
Move your mouse over this field to generate a javascript Adware popup then click on the above field to open 2 more vbscript Adware popups.

6. Adware script popup:

Clicking on this button will simulates 2 popups from an Adware program. One popup when you press the button and the other when you let go of the button.

7. Stress Test:
Number of windows to open:

8. OnUnload and OnBeforeUnload popups
As you leave this page 2 popups will try to open. Ensure that your pop up blocker stops these also.


Safe Popups

Below are links that open new windows that are intended to be opened. You should see a window open for each one of the following:

1. JavaScript Manual popup: 
Click here to generate a safe javascript popup.

2. Context menu popup:
Right-click here and select "Open in New Window" to allow a popup.
(you can also hold down the SHIFT key as you click this link to allow a popup)

3. Regular new window link:
Click here to open a regular link into a new window.


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